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Description: Information on laws surrounding animal care for strays

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You've seen them everywhere. Patrolling our cities' alleys, the neighborhood garbage cans, our backyards, our campgrounds, our farms. They are our pets that have escaped out a car window, broken through the screen, were let outside to "do their business" while in heat and went in search of a mate, or thrown away when they weren't cute or convenient anymore. They are the offspring of the animals that never found their way home. They are the "pet overpopulation" problem. According to The Humane Society of the

Education is the Key: Legislation is the Tool

The first and foremost problem of "pet overpopulation" is our own education: it is the key to changing attitudes toward homeless companion animals. Legislation is the tool we have to ensure human accountability for the "overpopulation problem" we have created. We need legislation that supports the humane and cost-effective methods of homeless companion animal population control. We need legislation and enforcement that support serious repercussions for those that continue to contribute to the problem. We ne