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Description: IDM is an Impact-Driven Business in Saudi Arabia that use Scientific Research Methods, Data and Advanced Analytics to Support Decision Making and Predict Future Trends. شركة سعودية تسعى لخلق تأثير مستدام عبر توظيف منهجيات الأبحاث والدراسات و البيانات عالية الجودة و تقنيات تحليل البيانات المتقدمة لدعم عمليات اتخاذ القرار والتنبؤ بالتوجهات المستقبلية وإبراز المخرجات والإنجازات بلغة الأرقام.

development (16416) research (8681) idm (246) decision making (209) data quality (98) decision support (62) صنع القرار (3) prediction analytics (2) دعم القرار (2) اتخاذ القرار (2)

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We are a research-based organization that beside our rigorous scientific methods and standards, we take it to the next level to show our clients how to use it and simplify the results in our decision-support dashboards to make it ready for decision makers whenever they need to take a decision.

We execute primary and secondary research to problem solving, option analysis, strategy execution actions, regulatory impact analysis, chaos and complexity risk analysis and mitigation plans.

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