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Description: Brat Audio, a professional audio, acoustic and lighting consultancy based in Hull, UK. Offering professional services to studios, nightclub, bars, schools, colleges, universities, and theatres.

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Tel: 0845 475 1585 email: [email protected]

A forward thinking consultancy, (one of very few) who work for our clients to ensure they get the best venue, studio, recording space, theatre, or lecture hall possible. We design, specify, troubleshoot and help actually build all manner of buildings and entertainment spaces. Over the years we've been involved with schools, colleges, universities, theatres, nightclubs, bars, fact. you name it, we've probably been there and been involved...even down to multi storey car parks!

Essentially, in the early days someone said we performed "a useless service that any old architect and AV install company could perform". It was a comment that hurt at the time although we knew it was incorrect.