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Description: We are Bit and Pixel! A team of developers and marketing specialists with over 15 years of experience in planning, developing and maintaining websites, mobile applications and other custom software for unique business needs.

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Most of the software products designed and developed by Bit and Pixel over the past 15 years have been designed to provide a functional, easy to use, sustainable solution for our clients’ unique business needs.

The understanding of complex business workflows requires many varied disciplines: absolute accuracy, the ability to understand our clients’ business goals, to translate these into software code, time management, prioritisation, carrying out test cases, meticulousness, as well as many others. It also requires good communication skills, analytical and logical thinking as well as accurate administration and planning.

The key of secure software development is to produce good quality, effective software codes incorporating a “security by design” approach from the outset of a project through to its conclusion.

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